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Tolstoy Farms     Certified Organic Produce

Tolstoy Farms is a produce marketing business for some of the residents of Tolstoy Farm, an intentional community located in a wooded canyon outside of Davenport in Eastern Washington. Tolstoy Farm, the community, was started by Huw Williams on a parcel of family land in 1963. It consists of two autonomous communities, the 80-acre Sunrise Hill Free School, and the 160-acre Mill Canyon Benevolent Society (MCBS). The Mill Canyon Benevolence Society is an off-the-grid community in which home power comes from solar. Residents own their homes, but the land is held and cared for in common. The certified organic, 4 acre market garden which grows the vegetables and berries marketed by the Tolstoy Fams crew is on MCBS land.

Tolstoy Farm residents have been selling organic produce in Spokane for over 30 years. We strive to maintain the ecological integrity of our soil and the ecological health of the surrounding areas, and to produce nutritious, high-quality vegetables for our customers. We have never applied synthetic chemicals to our soil, and we never will. Tolstoy Farms is a worker collective in which the profits are divided equally per hour worked. We sell at the Spokane Farmers' Market, the hours and location of which can be found here. We also have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. Get CSA info here.