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Still a lot of work to be done, but your contributions are helping us greatly. THANK YOU!

We would like to thank the following for their generous donations;

Jennifer Harris

Keith Possee

Mike Price

Ritchie Olsen

Sylvia Sukop

Ernie and Corrina Barret


Hester Angus

Daniel and Yoshiko Hagerman

Robert and Abagail Roose

Rico Reed

Rings and Things

Russ Knobs

Dee Mueller

Adar & Robert Feller

Emily Gordon

Andy Mark

Jonathan Isacoff & Ann Roberts

Cathy and Bob Belleville

Maggie Muat

Robert and Roberta Ninemire

Barbara and Don Fallick

Mary C Logan

Michael Dague

Ms Linda Lotus

Ms. Tami Glenn

Liam Turnmire & Yvonne Daley

James Barthelmess

Richard and Susan Alvord on Behalf of J Halsey Flannery

Dr Lisa Mc Daniel

Kent Jewel

Carolyn Sackett

Marya Nowakowski

I A Cunningham

Elithorp Farm, John, Cindy, Eric, & Sara Elithorp

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